About theditedline


Established in 2018 in Toronto by designers who make elevated womenswear, unaltered by the norms of the fashion industry.
As a design led studio, we make signature pieces we are passionate about. Each piece showcases our commitment to exceptional fabrications, innovative pattern cutting and precise tailoring from our Ready to Wear Capsules to our Made to Order service.

Our aim is to promote individualized self representation and to end the era of influenced mass uniformization.

Thus to seek change, we must initiate change.

At theditedline, we let go of the norms of the industry and create our brand based on the principles true to us and as designers we hold sacred. We initiate change  by:

  • redefining the process in which we design
    • Protecting the artist expression and freedom to practice mastery in the craft without conforming to the limitations set by the industry
  • redefining luxury
    • Promising exclusivity to an individuals style. Offering elevated sustainable pieces that are made once, cut once and never replicated 

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Join the movement.